Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Twelve . . .

It’s the first day of 2014 and all the other poets are posting really remarkable things on their blogs so I feel this pressure that I too should post something remarkable. But I’m just angry. I’m angry at the way life has turned out for me. I believed in optimism and expected that it would work if I too worked hard. But I end up alone anyway. I’m angry that I have to fight so hard just to be a little bit happy and angry that even that little bit of happiness still seems to be insincere. So all I feel like doing is posting just any old crappy mediocre poem here today. The one that I think is the worst poem I ever wrote; the one poem that I don’t want to own as being mine, posted just because I’m angry, posted with an attitude of spite. Anyway my year started on the winter solstice so why do I care about honoring the beginning of a new year that’s based on the calendar of some two millennium long dead Cesars.

Anyway the year is defined as one complete circumnavigation of the earth around the sun. And the day is defined as one complete rotation of the earth upon its axis. And the two are completely independent of each other. I mean how can you divide 365 ¼ evenly. So we end up with a patch . . .  namely leap year . . .  but even that isn’t accurate and we have to keep resetting the clocks in order to make that all work out. And what if we try to divide the year into some logical whole number of units we just go with 365 x 4 + 1 = 1461. 1461 What the fuck can we do with that? Divide by 3 and get 487 . . .

Okay    I’ll give in . . .    A sweet little poem that I like, that doesn’t really say much, but most importantly is irrelevant to anything having to do with the holiday . . .

Thinking About You at 3:51 AM
by Stormcat

Where are you my love?
Come to me! Take off your clothes!
Come to the warm place next to my nakedness!

Let me hold you!
Let desire overwhelm you! Give me your tongue!
Feel the passion inside as you become one with me!

Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved


  1. Seems a steamy poetry start to the new year. I like it! I find at times what I feel is my worst work is received by others as some of my best. Write it out...whatever is inside. I call it my pencil therapy.

  2. I agree with Susan!