Monday, May 30, 2016

my choice
by Stormcat

someone who seems impossible.
seems so far out of my league that
the only thing that comes to mind
is that the unfathomable dream just
came into the room two seconds ago

but that’s the way it has to be. I
could never be happy with anyone
less than someone who dazzles me
humbles me with her elegance and
graces with unfettered acceptance

and then I will shine like no other
star in her heaven. her heart shall
race at the mere thought: of our
lives, of the richness of our daily,
of the fullness of our eternal

copyright 2016 all rights reserved

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Aloha Mystery
by Stormcat

Probably just my imagination
that wry smile and shiny eyes
that says fun and mischief and
mystery and unexpected

I shouldn't let imagination
whisk me that way . . . draw
me to places I shouldn't say
out but look where my
hands wander

Oh the laughter and life to
realize, plans to dream as
a singular hope extrudes
to undeniable reality ala

Oh that it be so!

Copyright 2016 All rights reserved

Monday, April 4, 2016

Father Immemorial
(random thoughts at my father’s death)
By Stormcat

Somewhere in-between
the rabble and the entitled
must exist the bastion of the enlightened
why is it so hard to find
that in-between

the rabble is ignorant
and the entitled, threatened
But truth? Truth is simply singular, with
the thousand versions thereof
only flawed approximation

So raze the conscious
In search for the qualities of
a life who taught more than knowledge
instilled basic foundations
to think and question

more than functionality
learned at his feet, acquired
under his supervision, taken from his
tutelage, experimentally and
empirically expanded

the vestiges of net, now
vanished from it's place, evokes
a feeling of poignant finality, a realization
that life's tightrope features
safety below no more

it’s a serious gift to
linger, a gift inerasable
not even extinguished by the grave
that delays or cements
celestial reward

there stands his sister
there stand his brothers
and parents there also and grand and
great grand and every one
from the beginning

so goes he now this
night to a family reunion
oh what a grand celebration will be
for them, a family waiting,
just beyond the veil

Copyright 2016, All right's reserved

Friday, March 25, 2016

Perhaps a Love Unimaginable
By Stormcat

All the greats must have known it
                                                not a secret
                                                but a principle of living well
                                                                                                rarely realized

My heart has been up for so long
            in the air
            that I am reticent to recognize
                                                            honest emotion

If it falls it will shatter again perhaps
                                                into the thousand
                                                pieces that caused so much angst

How many times can God heal a heart?
                                                sounds like
            a declaration lacking faith in God’s
                                                            promised abundance

But even every feather on the sparrow is known
                                                and I as his child
                                                bears the torture of that education
                                                                                                much to his chagrin

Is it in forced humility that I seek his safe harbor?
                                                or in the stream
                                                of finally realized glorious joy attainable
                                                                                                heading his affect?

There is no justification in the least deviation
                                                known, bestowed,
                                                gifted, from a place sacred and rejected.
                                                                                                Pearls before swine?

So to what of God, my father’s, life shall I aspire?
                                                something ordinary?
                                                I think not! Yet I know not! Yet it must be . . .
                                                                                                remarkably unique!

Copyright 2016, All rights reserved

Monday, March 21, 2016

By Stormcat

empty house

empty office

empty room

empty warehouse

blank page

birth or death

beginning or end

failure or opportunity

damn the concept destiny, nothing’s ever set, everything’s possible . . . 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

First Sight
by Stormcat

Love floats among the stars
like dust kicked up by the herd
drawn into the cyclones of all those
day dreams, ethereal, even tragic, to
disappear into the heaven, escape
the grasp of life’s gravity
coalesce as a word
wish for a kiss

no return thereafter

Copyright 2016, All rights reserved.