Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thirty Six . . .

by Stormcat

We hardly know each other, my friend and I,
There is just this feeling that draws me there. Impossible
To ignore in any reality only creates confusion . . .
Somehow I feel we can heal each other  . . .  Somehow.
I don't even know why I would want to do that . . . crusty
Old goat that he is makes it hard to approach . . . Yet something
In that sort-of smile, half wisdom half distain, gives confidence
Comfort, dissolution of fear!

Patriarch of the mountains, of nature, tribal protector, given to
Natural instinct. . . providing . . . fierceness to enable tenderness . . .
Succumbing to limbic desire . . . overcoming insurmountable
Challenge to stasis creates conflict only overcome by pain
To sacrifice ones life for the betterment of others is noble!
So what of the rebel that loses the rebellion?
Is the sacrifice any less noble?
What of those who "plow the sea," winning nonetheless?

Dark, strong, man of intense contrast
Solitude-seeker people-magnet
Angry peacemaker
Can one who lives so strongly understand subtlety?

copyright 2011 all rights reserved


  1. Sometimes the magnetism that draws people together is difficult to understand, but if there is that kind of draw I think it is for some reason. I am not sure if two people can heal each other, but I do think that two people can help one another though as they relate to each other.

  2. I'm sure you're journey to knowing will be an interesting one.

  3. "Succumbing to limbic desire" loved this line

    This is an absolutely outstanding character portrayal and the inexplicable bonds that tie us to together

  4. he sounds like quite the character and one i would not mind to spend time with...i don't know that we can find our healing truly in each other, but in being together we may help each other down the path...sometime those that live so passionately can be hard to live with as they can miss that subtlety...smiles.

  5. To be near someone of such intense passion inspires others to live a meaningful life. I have always enjoyed the company of those who try to make the world a better place. Wonderful portrayal of such a person.

  6. what is it about crusty old goats that is so endearing??

  7. you draw the contrasts of this man well and cause the reader to respect him. A fine poem for a strong individual.

  8. If one believes in reincarnation, it helps to explicate our relationships this time around; this man could once have been a brother, mother, wife, father--and there's still some karmic residue clinging to him, to his aura, that you recognize & respond to; liked your poem a lot; good energy.