Friday, January 24, 2014

Thirty Four . . .

Words I like to Speak
by Stormcat

vacillate, lament, bombastic, recapitulate, ominous, scintillate, obsequious, pusillanimous, paternal, subterfuge, intercalate, monogamy, obliterate, acquiesce, cantankerous, . . . . .

These are words that want
to fill my mouth to capacity. Not because
they are commonly useful or often relevant
but words that
just feel good echoing around in there.
Not words that
you wish to either spit out or swallow, rather
words that
long to be kept and savored, like a delicious morsel, allowed to bounce
around for a while until they simply float away.
Words that
scintillate like a song,
defy pusillanimous effort, test
the conformation of environment, and challenge
the capability of the voice. Bombastic words that dominate
ominous status as the evolution of
individual linguistic ontogeny recapitulates.  Words coupled to
monogamous definition that acquiesce to
brevity, obliterate descriptive phraseology,
intercalate volumes, and vacillate on the edge of genius.
Rarities that inform fierceness,
induce cantankerous lament,
create joyous celebration,
obstruct retaliation,
defy answer,
release innocent relaxation,
justify aggressive felicity,
encompass all manner of situation and emotion.
These are 
the kind of words
I like
to speak . . .

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  1. i like to speak words of power as well...ha...great use of some creative and uncommon words in this as put them together well...

    as to the 'murder mystery' title of my piece...murder is a verb in the title...a play on words....sometimes in seeking to explain what we are seeing, we murder the mystery of it all...the woman speaking could have been explained away by just saying she was talking on one of those phones you stick in the ear...and then it would have murdered the mystery...ha...

  2. Great poem. I like the words you list at the start and the way the words fill up the page. I like the reflection on meanings and fun combinations. And I like the repetition at the end. It is a fun read and would be a great poetry prompt... think of the words you like to speak and then use them in a poem. Nicely done.

  3. brilliant!!! and exquisite! (one of the words i like to savor.)

  4. There is power in words and selecting carefully is a poet's challenge ~ I find that saying them out loud when I write them is an effective gauge of their potency ~