Sunday, January 19, 2014

Twenty Nine . . .

Uncovering A Sleeping Women
By Stormcat

What is it about a sleeping woman that is so beautiful
innocent trust clothed in peace
smooth softness blending into smooth softness
there seems to be a glow of light
all color muted to tones of white
hair splayed perfectly framing entangled eyelashes
soft shadows highlighting subtle contours
I used to think it was the moon but now it has
become obvious that there is no need for outside sources
She is the source

Life springs from my woman
I only plant my seed in her and she
goddess of life
foundation of civilization
source of all goodness
author of love, of loveliness
she brings forth the fruit
she nurtures progenous progression
she defies the second law of thermodynamics
she makes all joy
she makes everything

There will be no need of time once I find her
fifty years or five hundred years
she is looking for me and I am looking for her
that goddess who will sleep confidently
in my presence, in my bed, who will know
that I will breach the powers of all hell to protect her
so she will sleep with the peaceful
confidence of her man's intelligence
of her man's commitment
of her man's fierceness
of her man's strength, of her mans love
and in that trust she will sleep showing all her beauty
for only me to see

Copyright 2013 All rights reserved


  1. a sleeping woman is a picture of innocence and beauty... this poem caught the essence of one of life's gifts...

  2. The idea of her not reflecting, but creating light is fantastic.

    I really enjoy the wordplay of the title. Uncovering, like removing blankets, or uncovering, like revealing her through the words of the poem.

  3. This is so romantic. There can't be many men these days who actually care about studying a sleeping woman.

    Nicely done.

    Take care and keep smiling.

  4. there's nothing like a real connection of two people. lovely poem..

  5. I read your poem with great pleasure. You have written with tender assurance, and there is a great progression from first stanza to the last. Here is a relationship which can only grow stronger over time.

  6. What a glorious profession of love. Strong and sure. Very wonderful to read.

  7. What a beautiful poem this is, one in appreciation of a woman. Let me just say that it would be a fortunate woman indeed to be a beneficiary of such strong, gentle, and caring love. Kudos for a fine poem!

  8. Beautiful and sensual poem of longing!

  9. lovely love poem...and once you have them time has not meaning that is for sure...leading up to can feel like forever in searching...and in finding the coming together becomes a very beautiful thing...

  10. ...a beautiful ode to every woman in the world who deserve a genuine quality of respect & love... your words are filled with assurance i hope a poet can fulfill not alone by the sweetest words but more importantly by tangible act of love & sincerity....smiles... i enjoyed this a lot... thanks...

  11. A beautiful declaration of love and appreciation for a woman's qualities. Only a poet can come up with such romantic words. Smiles :)

  12. Like the subtle contours of the woman, your poem has a lushness of fluid language and imagery.


  13. love the way beauty is discovered in love....