Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sixteen . . .

By stormcat

There are times when nothing evokes it
There are times when you can’t stop it
All illusory, like fucking whores, and sluts, like
drugs that inject your body with a short lived shot
 intense pleasure that takes your life then leaves
you empty and broken

Escape may bring some solstice but you can’t
from you. Bury yourself in work or alcohol
even earth! What is the quality of spirit tears?
In any case you’re dead      even as you laugh
and  it’s untenable to realize that living or dead
there is no sympathy in hell

Conversely there are tears of joy     ecstasy
in the context of gratitude for the unbelievable
unexpected good fortune awash with humility
at last you have found the love of your life
and it’s ironic that, for lack of need,
there is also no sympathy in heaven

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  1. There is no sympathy in hell. It's so true. I think we should take a moment to reflect about the consequences of wasting our lives away in empty pleasures. It's a very good poem and i hope it'll get many more comments.

  2. This is a powerful read - it resonated deeply.

  3. Deep feelings come pouring out in this piece.

  4. I wish I could wtite these words, but I think Catholic guilt prevents it. I shall visit again.

  5. you really pour out your soul in these word of blackness.. really very interesting... neither hell or heaven will bring in any sympathy.. what bleak prospect---

  6. having found your love of your is not a mere its absence, we def try to fill that void with other things....interesting last two lines as well..i will think on them....

  7. Very deep words here, Stormcat. I think you are right about there being no sympathy in either hell or heaven. There are so many different reasons for tears. I do prefer the tears of joy, but the tears of sadness are a release too. And, I think (would guess) most people have experienced both!

  8. How true that you can't escape yourself. You are in heaven and in hell. Interesting poem.

  9. wow! those last two lines carry an amazing idea!

    (it keeps saying my comment is anonymous instead of using my i.d.

  10. Oh I think I see what you mean (read your poem twice :) ... maybe when we're either happy or sad and shed tears, sometimes it's hard to find someone who will either commiserate or rejoice with us. Yes, sometimes we cry alone. Strong emotion here. Happy New Year :)

  11. there is no sympathy in heaven...if there even is a heaven

  12. but i think in crying, there is a purpose : to alleviate the sudden grief or joy in a person.
    you have written a very thought-provoking piece of work. :)

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  14. Perhaps when we cry, we cry probably isn't a social thing to do...for no one really shares what you feel, not in heaven or hell. But it is the 'deep feelings' which make us who we are. Without knowing grief, how well we really know happiness and visa versa? It was said on Downton Abbey last night, the price you pay for loving deeply is to know deep grief...or something like that...

  15. thought provoking closing lines...

  16. gritty piece Stormcat - keep writing!

  17. I love how you put the same value of lack of sympathy in both heaven and hell. And so very true - no matter what escape mechanisms we employ, we can never escape ourselves. So much of that is an illusion.

    Very cool about the crows you befriended. They are very intelligent. They fascinate me. :)

  18. This poem purges... hopefully leading to equanimity.

  19. crying is a strong emotion & some people have a weepy spirit
    with a need to release tears of joy..tears of sorrow..they help
    bring balance to the flood within..

  20. I purge my inner demons with tears...They come at times of joy, sorrow....Sometimes I don't know the why, but after the tears have cleared I feel peace.