Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thirty Eight . . .

Photo By Karin

by Stormcat

watch the fledgling learn
wholly pre sumptuous threading
comprising thick forest transit
at the speed of fetterless flight
- faster than thought control -
without the slightest hitting
something irrespective death

 Copyright 2014 All rights reserved


  1. This is stunning love it!

  2. I really like "at the speed of fetterless flight" a lot!

    1. I'm glad you noticed that. I started with "unfettered," which is more correct as an actual word, but opted for "fetterless" because it it was reminiscent of featherless.

    2. Good choice, I think. I like your reasoning AND your word usage!

  3. Beautiful. <3

    And how amazing it is that he does so much before he can think it through. <3


    I didn't know how much you'd like to see my answers to your questions, or how often you visited, I tried to find your e-mail but it's not listed on your profile, so I brought them along with me today:

    1. "What do you do at the end of a good day? When does the cycle of being dissatisfied with your life end and the cycle of being happy begin?

    My days are not bad. I love my work, I love being around my students and workmates. The problem begins when I get home, right after the house falls asleep and I am left alone with my thoughts. I cry myself into sleep on the hardest day. I don't see the end of the cycle of being dissatisfied. The cycle of being happy begins when I open my eyes the morning after. I write on my dream journal first thing, before leaving bed, then shower, then breakfast and to work. No dissatisfaction throughout the day, but at night I remember I'm alone.

    2. You didn't swallow a fish? Well perhaps he didn't teach you everything then.
    btw: Are you going to the Indie Festival in Austin this year?

    lol. I'm a great swimmer, Stormcat!

    I'm afraid I can't make it to Austin this year, you know I'm nowhere in the United States, don't you? I'd love it, though.

    Thanks for your always adorable comments.

    Take care and keep smiling. <3

  4. "faster than thought control" Oh to be so unfettered and allowed to fly at tree level
    clever Stormcat

  5. Powerful imagery in this poem, Stormcat! I like the way you convey unbridled freedom.