Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thirty Seven . . .

Passage -Mountain River Landscape by John Van Alstine

Mountain River Passage
By Stormcat

unconquered Wildness dictates necessity of such
miles certainly the alternative is
two, three . . . hundred
Jagged giants threaten . . .
by day ten-
thousand spears of sunlight
sparkling diamonds surface
invade uberconstricted irises
blinding steersman captains navigators without
regard to rank or wealth
wild men
beasts and eerie silence
as raw death has won more often than one cares to contemplate
cool shade on deep southern-bank-channels
sunburned lips and nose

what of the blood mooned starry nights
where growl of beasts
motivate well kept
next to tenuous moorings
and restless passengers wallow in tiring slumber
awaiting    dreading
another day of endless pool and drop
with names like auger falls, zee trap rapid
death trail, and the grim reaper
lulling boredom followed
by utter terror
by boredom then terror then . . . boredom terror boredom terror until
one rainbow over
humble structure
after demonic deluge
and the welcome muscle-taxing-sweaty-tedious-unloading cargo

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  1. The path certainly seem tough and challenging. It is good for the goodness of life! Great write Stormcat!


  2. The combination of both boredom and terror would be hard to contend with.

  3. that lulling terror...sometimes we try to keep ourselves usy so we dont have to think about it...but it seldom works you know...its still there and niggling....but sometimes too that is where i work it our best, doing mindless work

  4. I had a sense of "whistling past the graveyard" while reading this...

  5. Beautiful, but also frightening, description of the Mountain River Passage! "ten / thousand spears of sunlight / sparkling diamonds surface /invade uberconstricted irises" - my favorite lines!

  6. I love the "ten thousand spears of sunlight" sounds like an adventurous passage - but a beautiful one.

  7. I liked the last line especially, and the richness of the description throughout.

  8. Sounds like the journey could be dangerous but, ten thousand spears of sunlight would surely help one through..

  9. Ten thousand spears of sunlight...What a beautiful description! :)

  10. Much tighter and grittier ~ I like it ~

  11. Parts remind me of our morning kayak journeys down the West Branch when we travel directly into the sun and our comments that it was like riding a conveyor of diamonds - nice.