Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Eleven . . . experiment in form (three poems in one)
                                                                on the eve of the Western New Year

Quiet Anger
By Stormcat

there's the kind that kills
                                    that that's held
inside the kind that
builds eventually the person
is seething behind
a smile the kind
that release is
inevitable hope
you don't hurt someone
else when it happens
hope too you survive it

there's the kind that helps
that that's righteous
indignation stimulated
by inequality ineptitude
inefficiency . . . stupidity
it boils out
focused on that iniquity . . .
focused on righting
attacking the whole
righting the wrong
changing something for all

so is quiet anger
strength or weakness
fight what
tolerate what
ignore what
engage what
justify tolerance as weakness
condemn rebellion as treason
egregious acts aside
world issues are

If I were a better man
I wouldn't feel so angry
I'd be more understanding
of life and all its complexities
I'd know when to rail
against the status quo
I'd never let anger
get the best
I'd never even have
much less keep it quiet


Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved


  1. Powerful with just the right amount of rebellion

  2. liked the format and the theme of expressing rebellion to a point... we all have these moments .. it is what we do with them that leaves a mark...

    1. This format has been an ongoing interest for me. Ways to make two poems into one, ways to make one poem into two, ways to make infinite numbers of combinations where each makes sense and has meaningful content. This was my first attempt, actually. Try reading the poem eliminating either the right or left. It's like three poems in one!