Friday, January 31, 2014

Forty Two . . .

Photo by Snowflake

By Stormcat

East de casa lay a ribbon of grass fallow earth
between post harvest plow rumpled fields
A road pass of sorts
leading to a cat tailed dragonfly kissed pond beyond
spreading chestnut and pussy willow
where adventures take birth.
A great place to romp,
look for ruffle-necked grouse,
chase rabbits, and
startle frogs basking in sun-warmth and the odd pheasant caught off guard.
My master likes to go there too but
always walks slowly. I think she’s afraid or lost in nostalgia,
she trusts me, however, sings, smiles, and talks to me . . .
so whenever I go,
I always take her with me.

Copyright 2014 All rights reserved 


  1. This is something I really adore in dogs. They take us to places. They walk ahead of us, but they care to look back and check on us, see if we're there, still going.

    Beautiful poem and I love the photo, again. <3

  2. Vivid and beautiful descriptions! This reminds me of being a kid when I had dogs and we'd go on adventures through the woods

  3. there is a special bond between one and a dog...liked the look from the dog's perspective... I wonder what my useless old mutt is thinking... :)

  4. Love the twist that you threw in there :-) Really nice images also, I love a good walk through the words, and you chose lovely ones. Thank you very much for your comment and empathy on my blog.

  5. cool. i like this from the perspective of the pups...the pond sounds like a cool place to go...we used to have one of those cat tailed ponds by my birth home....

  6. love the perspective of this. I also really liked the kiss and dragonfly line

  7. "where adventures take birth" Something about this transported me back to childhood, like a dog sniffing out a place to build a fort. Odd how a line can conjure up offshoot thoughts.

  8. A good companion M ~ Nice viewpoint from the dog rather than the master ~

  9. I adore this poem. Wonderful! Love the dog in the photo too - what a beauty!