Monday, January 6, 2014

Seventeen . . .

Love Denied
By Stormcat

The hawk sat on my mailbox last week, watching, as I returned home.
It was reminding me that I am a fierce solo hunter . . .
and then I knew that my love had forsaken me . . .
at least in her mind, because of her inability to trust,
But I know that in her heart, she remains steadfast

I don’t really believe in “the possibility” of love at first sight
What I believe is that love at first sight is the only true love
Whether her first sighing be a glimpse through a Venetian blind
Or a pic on an internet site of someone halfway around the world
And she loved me from that first glimpse, as I her.

My passion unravels my ability to think logically
What am I to do next?    Is this a test?
Shall I put forth a Herculean effort to find her and sweep her off her feet?
I don’t even know where she lives . . . 3 hours drive from Prague?
If I flew would she even show her face?

I've waited a lifetime to find her!
She is that pearl of great price that one suddenly discovers
that then upon discovery motivates one to sell everything to obtain . . .
I cannot live without her.
I truly cannot live without her.

But the hawk came again today and soared above my home
It was reminding me that I am a fierce solo hunter . . .
I hate that word, solo!!! As I love good company and intelligent conversation
Must it really be for most . . . born alone, live alone, die alone?
 I feel so jealous of those illusory lovers who know no difference . . .

They  don’t know it’s impossible so just maybe             it isn't!

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  1. I love the straight-forward attitude and honesty of this piece. As the possibility of being alone hovers over one's head, I guess, it is natural to question if one can stand being alone or not. Personally speaking, no. It is difficult and it truly sucks. But then, good company comes along, not always in the way we expect it.

    Beautiful poem. I enjoyed reading it. :)

  2. Perhaps if you follow the hawk you mind find the way to her. :)

  3. I like the use of the hawk as a reminder of our fierce solo hunter status ~ The part in the middle is full of anguish & unrequited passion, is it love? at this point,maybe not yet ~ But the possibility is very tempting ~