Saturday, January 11, 2014

Twenty Two . . .

by Stormcat

There are all these things that come up which seem to be so devastating!

Can't you remember haw devastating it was to get NOT ONE but SEVEN pimples on the evening before  you had finally landed the most desired date in the universe!

How about how many nights you didn't sleep because your Doctoral advisor had fallen out of favor at the University and you therefore felt like you could/would never graduate.

Then you can't ignore how they treated you at the symposium as if you were a waste of time, that is until the committee voted your research as the best for the year and awarded you the Presidential award! Ha Ha! ! ! You SOBs, , , I Showed you! ! !

Then your uncle dies and then your mother dies and then your best friend gets killed in an auto accident and then your baby sister dies! ! !  And then suddenly you feel your mortality, your mortal self, your knowledge that you are going to expire someday!

So can we really take refuge in Socratic wisdom? That death is either but a transformation to a new experience or an eternal sleep with no realization. What if death is an eternal sleep with realization or a new experience in torture? Did Socrates really extend all the possibilities? Maybe a monster will eat me with burning consumption over and over for all eternity and I will regret every bite that it takes!

All I care about now is whether I will ever be able to find that beautiful woman who loves me!
Do you think that saving the world is better than that?
Do you think that  inventing something that makes everyone's life wonderful is better than being loved by someone whom you think is a goddess?
Because it takes a Goddess to give me the strength to save the world!

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