Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thirty Five . . .

Flappin -n- Freakin
by Stormcat

            Fuzz flit
              Feather flit
                Flitter  -  flit
                  Flit flit flitter
                    Flitter flutter
                      Flitter flap
                        Flutter flap
                          Flap flap
     flapflap . . . . Falling
                            Flapflapflap _ flapflap _ flap _ flap _ flap _ flap . . .       finally flying

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  1. the effort equals the results... to fly is to live...

  2. Perhaps this would be a little more clear if I explain the title. Flappin and Freakin.
    Flappin is a slang term for getting high especially with stimulant type drugs such as cocaine. as in "That shit was so good, one hit and I was flappin!" Freakin is slang for panicking or losing control often associated with losing control while having sex. as in "Five mins under the sheets and I was freakin!"