Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Eleven . . . experiment in form (three poems in one)
                                                                on the eve of the Western New Year

Quiet Anger
By Stormcat

there's the kind that kills
                                    that that's held
inside the kind that
builds eventually the person
is seething behind
a smile the kind
that release is
inevitable hope
you don't hurt someone
else when it happens
hope too you survive it

there's the kind that helps
that that's righteous
indignation stimulated
by inequality ineptitude
inefficiency . . . stupidity
it boils out
focused on that iniquity . . .
focused on righting
attacking the whole
righting the wrong
changing something for all

so is quiet anger
strength or weakness
fight what
tolerate what
ignore what
engage what
justify tolerance as weakness
condemn rebellion as treason
egregious acts aside
world issues are

If I were a better man
I wouldn't feel so angry
I'd be more understanding
of life and all its complexities
I'd know when to rail
against the status quo
I'd never let anger
get the best
I'd never even have
much less keep it quiet


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Monday, December 30, 2013

Ten . . .

By Stormcat

What does one do with oneself after becoming bored with the world?
(or even the universe for that matter . . . ) Math . . . done that: Philosophy . . . done that:
Physics . . . done that: Art . . . done that ( and loved it): History . . . done that (what a mess that is) Psychology . . . can't ever seem to get away from that: Biology . . .  The only thing that really makes any sense . . .
I mean how many more cathedrals does one have to see after having seen. like fifty?
(Same design, minor differences in the embellishments, one is as good as the next. Fuck you! Catholicism for having built yourself on the backs of the poor! If you were really the real true church of Christ, you'd take all the treasure of the Vatican, sell it, and use the proceeds to lift the impoverished  into productivity!)
Do I have to be in awe at the quantity of guano deposited on some south pacific Island?
I've already made friends with wild animals so why pet some stupid tortoise at some zoo?
Are ancient pyramids really that spectacular? What, just because a thousand slaves were sacrificed to make them. I think the pharaohs were wrong. . .  So why do we revere them? Shouldn't we tear them down because they are symbols of slavery and oppression? Shouldn't we at least couch them in the light of what they really represent?

The government, which holds itself out as a democracy, is really a sham! For the people by the people has become for the people by the rich. Which translates into for the rich by the rich! ! ! Hail to the bureaucrats. who stupidly give them their power.  Bureaucrats who don't even know that they are! They think they are doing the right!  And the rule-makers of commerce follow suit reflecting that policy, so that everyone, public and private, feels comfortable with their little roles of efficiency! Cogs in the wheel! Worthless meaningless cogs! Fucking despicable cogs! Usurping their perceived power because they can't acknowledge that they are really powerless as individuals! They are only assuming that if they can control some part of this artificial system then they have some control over they're own lives.  They cannot realize that control of individual life comes only with not fearing death or poverty or loneliness. Remarkably, they believe that the system that they administer is the very system that will save them along with everyone that they love. They are blind not because they cannot open their eyes but because they will not!

I am tired of this world! I cannot tolerate anymore the ones who think that chattel it so important that they will steal to get it. I cannot tolerate those who think that their wisdom is so right and complete that they stop thinking.  I cannot tolerate those who want to control all that is around them,  It is not humility before "GOD" that I respect, . . . It is humility before all that is the true humility! (A knowledge that there is no complete knowledge.)

Am I really bored? Or am I just tired of what seems to be interesting to the rest of humanity?

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nine . . .

Solitude     (A Blues - Alt Rock Fusion)
By Stormcat

Blues ~
Solitude . . . you elude me in my prime
and yet when I grow old
you'll be there . . . all the time
and force me to believe that
all my longings are a crime

Alt Rock ~
Echoes in a life sublime
projecting from a tortured youth
nightmare . . . grasping for a life line
dirty needles . . . clog a toll booth
guilt destroys Stendalien pleasure
paranoia, Cartesian truth

Blues ~
Can't take it easy
Life doesn't come at me that way
I'm always in the middle . . . even when
avoiding being in the fray
easy leaves me stranded
easy always goes astray

Alt Rock ~
Waves across polluted water
frozen with the desolate
memory's abandoned fodder
awaken fade destroy berate
beckon home joy's wandering daughter
incestuous hope to promulgate

Blues ~
Am I lonely
or have I simply lost my charm
has my lady gone away . . . or just
no longer hangin off my arm
can I make it on my own . . . or
should I sound out the alarm

Alt Rock ~
Lost Eden memory exhausts its clamor
disturbing lines of plodding sheep
bunnies graze on peaceful reefer
horses draught infectious creep
relax "o" philographic viper
let venom's toxin rest and sleep

Blues ~
My sole expression
is the expression of my soul
It comes from deep inside me
and constitutes the whole
It keeps me with the living
yet extracts a painful toll

Alt Rock ~
Black watery womb . . . whole body mired
capitulate from ancient fish
then soar above a frozen world
while frost cannot the heat extinguish
the fierceness of this fiery bird
arises from the ash of anguish

Blues ~
Solitude . . . . . . . .

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Eight . . .

My Girl
by Stormcat

She: reads Harlequin Romances
favors red meat, loves ballet, smokes Cubans,
embarrasses easily, loves super dark chocolate,
would rather talk about boys than Descartes, likes
really big dogs, probably is a better shot than I . . .
prefers rich reds and champagne,
dresses in fur
and silk, doesn't trust men or most people, likes
either very expensive shoes or flip flops,
looks good in ski pants, is a bit of an adrenalin junkie
scubas frequently,
dyes her hair crazy colors, loves fishing
is fearless of nature and wild animals (including bears)
enjoys raw oysters,
drives fast,
loves me.

I'm crazy about her!

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Seven . . .

by Stormcat

I wake up in morning light disappointed to realize that I didn’t die in my sleep
wonder why I persist in perusing this state of living
this self centered mindless creep

Night’s darkness pursues challenging and eroding existence
until sadness breaches heavily defended harbors
and fear motivates sleeplessness

Pressure builds toward a state of untenable integrity so all structure is at risk
hot noxious odorless vapors render undetectable demise
until the explosive breach rains ash then lava

Numbing repetition seems to be the order, classroom stretching into life
rote memorization, formulaic procedure extinguishing creativity
discouraging initiative facts cluttering minds

One can’t help but wonder as the memory of the progression is muddy
that now the addiction/obsession precludes living normally
clarity resides only in the memory of that first high

I dream of elephants walking on the moon in elephant space suits
ha ha ha how far they leap . . . giant bounds, soft landings, collecting moon rocks
the size of houses . . . a payload that can never be brought home

The home represents the shackles and the feeding the same, though inadequate
the beatings are also welcome as the only real focused attention . . .
Trust your ability you say . . . and find what

Anyone have any clue how much technology doesn’t matter, how much the trappings
of the privileged are moot. Illusion, buoyed to hype
“I must drive an exotic rather than, God forbid, a domestic”

I’ve got an idea. Instead of sending up billion dollar a-piece stationary orbit satellites
why don’t we just shotgun a huge lot of cheap reflective junk spaced randomly
then bounce the com signals in exquisite redundancy
Instant Bureaucracy?

Except for friendship, I wouldn’t be telling you this that your reputation isn’t as you think
Neither as a man of integrity, nor as a man notorious are you known . . .
Just as a loudmouth full of bullshit

Well I shouldn’t insist on writing this iniquity because people will think insidious schemes
are at work and thereafter instigate a rebellion saying that it personally insinuates
some kind of instability therewithin . . . Ha!

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Six . . .

the one
By Stormcat

I remember that moment well when
I realized that you loved me
It was hard for me to believe even then and I am still denying it
But I know it was and is still true

I am sad that you can’t be with me
That you have to be free and so are not able to make your home
in me . . . for there is life in us together but there is
sweet tragedy in us living apart

at the very least I know that I have loved . . .
In you there is that! So I thank you
I thank you for holding my hand
I thank you for sharing wine and making memories of restaurants and music

I thank you for making love
and sleeping over. I thank you for phone calls
and messages and showing up and traveling to be with me
but most of all I thank you for giving me

a one great love of my life . . .

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Five . . .           Christmas Day.

By Stormcat

Maria . . .
namesake of women, of womanhood
slave to logic, admirer of passion, adopted romantic!
Your frustration is but a matter of patience!
The desire of achieving the object of your admiration
     is but a matter of due diligence.

Maria . . .
object desirable, desire of all mankind
can I, a simple poet, a reluctant scholar, a man tortured
by the weakness of  romanticism, a child of the earth
born of peasants, seeker of knowledge and intelligence
     can I ever hope to honor you?

Maria . . .
once your name was bestowed
your greatness became inescapable!
Your beauty, expected . . . the reality, undeniable
all one need do is behold you . . .
     after that there is no hope of denial!

Maria . . .
I write not of the mystique
I write not of the legend of the name
I write of the person . . .          the actual woman
The woman that you are, the one that confronts me

Okay, so I refuse to start every verse with your name
because I am rebellious and a non-conformist
Even God's patience is tested
because I accused him of being a glory monger
Maybe that is why when I asked him for a soul-mate
     God sent me a woman named . . .  Maria

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Four . . .

Conversation with Marmalade about My Girl
By Stormcat

My Girl is starting to communicate and respond to my words and messages more openly. It makes me feel optimistic that I really have found . . .

(Wow I really like the way you rub my shoulder when you’re talking to me)

You know I think that what she is telling me is that she is really scared to trust anyone at face value because always in the past, at least for her, people told her how they felt as a way of manipulating her feelings toward them so that they could find out what those feelings were and then use them to their own advantage

(Why is it so nice to sit by the fire next to you? Do you always make everyone feel so comfortable?)

Well, now that you mention it that is something I try to do. I just want happiness around me.

(I can see that, you're the first human who has worried enough to find me a blanket to put over me when I'm in my bed. So you're really taken with this woman, , , ?)

Oh yes! I only met her once, so far, but I knew from reading what she wrote, and the pictures that she posted, that she was going to be spectacular. The thing is that I think I might have blown it because I told her in poems and messages that I am already in love with her and, You Know, how can anybody be in love with someone that they only met once? Unless they're desperate or something!

(Oh silly man! True love always happens immediately!)

But, you know, it's scary for those of us who, in the past, have misjudged love and been hurt by it!

(You didn't misjudge love, you misjudged a person, or several persons, and were taken in by their display of love that wasn't real! You want to blame yourself for misjudging rather than allowing that it was the subterfuge of the other person manipulating love to their own advantage.)

So, , , how can I be sure that the love I feel for my Girl is real, and true, and the kind that will last forever?

(That's actually three questions. . .
Okay . . . It's real because you both feel it!
It will be true when you are both willing to make it true!
And it will be the kind of love that will last forever when you and your Girl are both able to pledge your souls to each other and put all your time, energy, spirit, effort and commitment into making it last forever.)

Hey . . . you're pretty smart for a dog!

Ya ya . . .  so how about scratching me under my chin . . .

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Three . . .

The Poet and his Muse
By Stormcat

I work otherwise to survive!

I need to write a poem now
but my kitten wants attention
she needs it NOW and she is so
wonderful that I can't deny it.

How could I?

She is why I live. So how can I
ever think of anything ahead
of tending to her every need.
So what, that I have to write.

So what, that I have to work!

What a pleasure to be with
such compelling beauty who
admires my ability to protect
and conquer and provide.

Big loving eyes, long black hair . . .

It's natural for me. I am a man
of men and being thus I desire
her, as she is woman of women.
Everything I do is for her!!!!!

I come home to her . . .

She gets inside my coat and
looks up at me, closes her big
green eyes and basks in warm
protection. Safe at last!!!!!

Alas, I am but a slave!

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Two . . .

by Stormcat

"I'm going to get another . . ."  
                       “Okay Darling,” I answered,
and I craned my neck to watch as she walked
away from me
toward the coffee counter.
Perhaps I should feel ashamed for thinking those thoughts.

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

One . . .
I'm kicking off a personal quest beginning on this winter solstice December 21, 2013 with an attempt to post all my poems here in one place for a Solar year. Some old, some new . . . . I'm naming my project "Via Solaris" (the way of the sun) after the same sun calendar sculpture by John Van Alstine.

        Dancing Alone
         By Stormcat

I'm not sure about my father but
     I think I love my mother.
It isn't that it is
     it's that it's disturbing to admit.
After all,
Society dictates absoluteness
     in that regard.

So I look at myself in the mirror
     and think, on an ordinary day, that
     I really don't look that wonderful
That's when I don't like myself,
     in spite of all the wonder.
That's when I question my worth
     the most!

Now it's ten o'clock on yet another
     Monday night!
Before I even realize it, it will be
Ten o'clock
     on yet another Friday night.
Another week will have passed
     without any accomplishment.

It simply feels like I'm drowning
     but it doesn't really matter.
A person can't drown
     who is already dead.
To be human is to be
     beautifully flawed.

Seems, after all these years, like
     there is no one-and-only for me.
Four decades, two failed marriages,
     countless attempts . . .
     Still          no soul-mate.
Must I end, rattling around in this
     large house with one cat?

I always dreamed
     that my beautiful dance partner
     fell in love with me.
I assumed I needed a partner to dance
Today I went upstairs where the floor is
     large and empty (no lights or eyes)
Today,      I tried dancing alone. . .

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