Sunday, January 12, 2014

Twenty Three . . .

Spoonful of Love (chicken soup)
by Stormcat

No matter how cool the soup becomes from the blowing,
the spoon itself still burns.
one develops the technique of sipping the broth
from the extensively blown upon spoonful
without actually touching the spoon itself

It wouldn't be an issue except that the soup is so good
that you can't possibly wait long enough for it to cool.
You see, chicken soup is as close to love as a food gets!
Whenever I start to feel lonely and unloved
all I have to do is make myself a pot of chicken soup.

Everybody makes it differently . . .  my Italian friend
Gino makes his with rice, beans, garlic, and Italian spices like
basil, oregano sage and thyme . . . Peter, my Hungarian friend
adds galuska (small dumplings) hot Paprika and serves it
with a dollop of sour cream . . .

I make mine with diced carrots, a little onion, and handmade
pepper noodles (the ones my grandma taught me how to make)
plus rosemary, thyme, marjoram, saffron, and lavender . . .
all day long the soup simmers and fills the house with
the aroma of love. The noodles go in last . . .

By the time it's finished cooking . . . none can wait more
everyone knows how it's going to taste
the bowls are filled, chunky stuff first, then topped with
that steaming broth, salt is passed, giant spoons stir
and are too soon dipped. . . that's when the blowing begins.

Copyright 2013, All rights reserved


  1. Ha chicken soup....we call it Jewish penicillen! It is a great comfort soul food. My grandmother's recipe is the best in the entire world. I have only ever given it to one other person and this was a mistake. He was undeserving:)

    1. I probably shouldn't say it out loud but "everyone's grandmother's recipe is the best in the entire world!"

  2. There is something about soup, isn't there? And so many different varieties, passed down through families. Funny, my mother used to make chicken soup when I was a child, but i would not eat it (foolishly), as I preferred the Campbells canned variety. Sigh. Now I wish I could still HAVE my mother's soup. I love all the spices you put in your soup & I would like to taste those handmade pepper noodles. I like how you begin and end your poem with the blowing, bringing the poem full circle!

    1. pepper noodles - whole egg, flour, and cracked pepper to taste. mix enough flour into the egg to make a dough that is dry enough to roll. Roll out on floured surface until it is very thin. (harder than is sounds because the dough is very elastic and shrinks back after it is rolled. just be patient and let it shrink then roll some more until it stays.) cut into narrow strips and hang the noodles over a dowel until dried. They can be kept dried in the pantry and used anytime. I break mine into 6" lengths and keep them in a canister. btw It usually takes more pepper than you normally use because the pasta buffers the intensity of the pepper. Good luck

  3. I enjoy reading poems about food and your soup speaks to me ~ I too find comfort in the hot liquid & blowing ~ My early memories would be my mom serving me fresh chicken soup when I am not well ~ Happy Sunday ~

    And can you please take out your word verification so its easier to comment ~ Thanks

    1. I didn't realize that I had word verification. Sorry

  4. chicken soup is one of those comfort foods that remind me of home...and it is hard to wait knowing the memories and sensations that will come from that first warm putting safety in the wind and might just get a burn...smiles.

  5. The spoon itself burn - the fire of heat that brings pains sensation. A lot here in the words and the emotion.

  6. Lavender in the soup? And how do you make pepper noodles I loved this.

  7. interesting metaphor for love.. refreshing.

  8. we seek comfort in so many ways... it is just not the soup but everything that whirls around the bowl...

  9. "chicken soup is as close to love as a food gets!" Amen, brother.

  10. YES! wonderful snapshot.
    There is a pot on the stove simmering now :-)

  11. No matter how cool the soup becomes from the blowing,
    the spoon itself still burns.

    That could stand alone as a bit of Taoist wisdom. Great hook! This is wonderful to nourishing as the soup itself.

  12. A delicious poem! This made me hungry. Smiles. Chicken soup is definitely comfort food. I make lots of soups in the winter and love Italian spices. I like the metaphor, too, and the lines that Sherry mentioned. Nicely done! :)

  13. what better food to risk burned lips for than chicken soup? delightful! love your descriptions of the "recipes"!

  14. Very tastes poem, Stormcat! Chicken soup is not called soup for the soul for nothing. I sometimes make my own and add dumplings to chicken and a variety of vegetables, not to forget dill.