Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thirty Three . . .

Eternal Declaration/Commitment
By Stormcat

I try to write and my mind goes blank. It’s that for what 
I feel there is nothing I could possibly say that would be 
good enough to honor that essence, that Thoreauian
completeness, complimentary and balanced, imperfectly
perfect, perfectly imperfect.  It seems so easy to speak
anomalously in verse to the honesty of my feelings so
fear should not cause this reluctance but I know that
feelings are what the words are all about . . .  admission

Shall there always be lives that are childless in spite
of overwhelming  motivation? Be it no matter reason
but you my love will be old when your child is grown
and I will be older or worse. Is there love enough
to produce a child against all odds is noble albeit
clumsy - risky - crazy – unwise – irresponsible – noble
the kind that must reward the world  with yet another
genius or idiot,  saint or despot, or . . . something like

So I speak from my passion yet unrealized nonetheless
 set in motion to gain a foothold in purpose. existence
justifying the very presence of mortality, my mortality
clinging passionately actualizing cascading noble effect
subject to the whims of  humanity and the spiritual
universe hoping that the seeds planted will flourish
once the influence of the garden-master passes
un-noticed though the consequence be undeniable

Can you my love forgive us if we can no longer make
a baby or two to show the extent of our desire/
commitment to the religion Family disconnected
from recognizable resonations known as romantic
surely a child or two of amazing beauty and intelligence
shall come from the seed of love that is you and I.
the couple becomes the family becomes the tribe
becomes the nation becomes the universe . . .

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  1. "the couple becomes the family becomes the tribe / becomes the nation becomes the universe" that's a beautiful genealogy, well written and with a hint of reincarnation.