Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sixty Two . . .

Chamomile Mystery
by Stormcat

Precious elixir, beauty steeped in the flow of life . . .
tossed, pressed, processed and extracted.
Alluring eyes, perfectly unruly hair, expectant, searching . . .
                                                seeking peace!

Woman of sun passing cold winters in the north . . .
clamoring for heat, seeking quiet warmth, longing for soft
companionship couched in passion . . .
                                                peaceful passion!

Make your home in me. See blue moonlight on the snow.
Hear the crackle of fire in the stove and feel the warmth
on your smooth soft skin. Let the wine of desire carry you to . . .
                                                passionate home!

 Copyright 2013 All rights reserved

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