Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sixty Three . . .

By Stormcat

There are those times, random, though not rare,
when the world seems distant and hellbent on ignorance.
The bustle of stagnation urges all to work harder only
to arrive where the heart can never find satiation.

Laud those that make isolation unbearably poignant.

Consider that told of the man living thus. Fiercely maintained 
remoteness finding little disturbance to extinguish self pity
Why do such stories always feature a rescue?
"lose yourself" beckons, with the promise of being found
by the most desirable person imaginable.
Thus self imposed exile seemingly guarantees that
some elusive similarly tortured soul-mate will breach the distance
to rescue you from the hellish sadness that you stoically endure.
Are stories even told where the rescue fails or more realistically 
is never even attempted or contemplated?.
Where's the interest in telling that scenario?

I see the nature of your bright essence
Even stars, glimmering from distances so vast as to pale eternity,
shed light to reveal their place and inspire my own.
I long to draw neigh, to revel in your light, to play
so close as to risk being burned by the intensity.

Are you the witch of my salvation? The angel of my meditation?
Let your light flow around my defenses, 
even through the chinks in my armor
Bathe me in your presence, let your softness overflow the 
hardness of sorrow and soothe away reticent wounds.
Embrace Eden not hidden in joyous innocence,
exposed, rather, In fully passionate unfettered desire.

Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.


  1. An excellent write, great reading.

  2. Wow breath-stealing! Such an inspired and thought-provoking and gorgeous poem