Monday, February 10, 2014

Fifty Two . . .
Photos by Snowflake                   

by Stormcat

Is homo sapiens the only species that bears its
children into impossible poverty -
Blessing from God seems inconsequential -
And that big full adult-size spirit
crammed into that innocent pint-sized bit of a body  imparts
hope in the face of hopelessness and courage
in the face of fear - yet - at the prospect
of simple company - in the presence of all that - misery -
even the random stranger - meets:
honest - unabashed - enthusiastic -
smiles of joy!

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  1. Children are a blessing, wonderful words and a joy to read.

  2. this is a very moving poem...the beauty and innocence and possibility of childhood.

    lovely writing! thank you for sharing!

    stacy lynn mar