Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fifty Three . . .

                                  Images by Snowflake

by Stormcat

I like to see             passion
unleashed where it lays       hidden       within
(and it always lays hidden within)

It defies anticipation,              concentration,       discipline, training
crosses meditation's power of control
supersedes limit

speed, precision, endurance, strength, fierceness, all
fall to passion's cadence, the swirl of its light,
its penetration of will, swing of its rhythmic undulation

building  building         pressurizing unnoticed Adrenalin
heart-released only against present moment walls of limits
swirling searing light, moisture laden avalanche, gentle cool tornado

Balanced on destruction edge
the only choice of will . . . . survive Vesuvius' stratospheric ride
or     assimilate to . . . Pompeiic ash

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