Friday, February 7, 2014

Forty Nine . . .

Player's Bane
by Stormcat

They cultivate the lifestyle
Harvest sweet surrender
Mining nectar from the flower
Precious wine to render

While silent hopeful beasts afield
scavenge the offered price
Opportunists in the shadows
Ranged beyond destructive vice

Love's autumn colors never fade
They simply float away
Extracted from the treetops
Replaced with cold and gray

Copyright 2012 All rights reserved


  1. Wonderful description of Autumn, my late husband favourite song was Forever Autumn,
    As you say it turns to winter, and what a wet, windy and cold winter we here are having.

  2. This is a gorgeous description of autumn, when I lived in the mountains the changing of the leaves was absolutely spectacular.

  3. Appreciate the rhyming verses ~ I love autumn colors & dread winter's cold & grey ~

    Happy weekend M ~