Thursday, February 6, 2014

Forty Eight . . .

Photo by Snowflake

By: Stormcat

it’s magic this
excruciation hidden in light
flirtation masking
reality ready to make the quiet
appearance. mustn't let it show
before the holy observer

masks of grotesque form each
hang on the back room
stone wall entertaining opportunity to
next shroud the observee safely
into quiet obscurity
subterfuge behind social ebullience

sexual sophistry alluding
superiority running blindly
counter of desired desirability
can this defeat me, exclude me, keep me
downtrodden of the nobles’
noble intelligent peasants

moving cats-paw quiet slipping easily
past trustworthy guards making a way
behind the frightening barrier
masks discovering terrible truth
far less terrible exposed than

rather beautiful naked most beautiful
goddess in embryo shown
full free expression shameless experience
measured in joyful play let
loosened spirits frolic unabashed abroad
dominion stripped masks powerless now to stay.

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  1. I think this was extremely lovely. such a good flow of words made excellent reading.