Sunday, February 2, 2014

Forty Four . . .  (In honor of the passing of Pete)

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Where did all the flowers go? Really?
By Stormcat

It's that all the important things were denied.
Not just the missing soul-mate, but where are the children?
I adore children anyway . . .  so how much more would I feel if they were of me?
If everything you do in your life has to do with the belief in
and in preparation for some beautiful normalcy
then the ultimate disappointment ensues
when neither the soul-mate nor the children materialize..
Existentialism satisfies my sense of agency
and explains the randomness of good and bad consequence
It encourages self reliance, but does nothing for the heart. . .
Solitude is wonderful and missing from most peoples' lives
but solitude imposed equals loneliness.
I'm a flower child! Born of the sixties. Believer of nature and peace and
of being open minded and non-judgmental. Believer that the universe
loves it's children and will not only take care of them but will embellish and reward them for their trust and gratitude. But that trusting belief only gets me so far . . .
Where is my one and only? my family?
Can the life of a genius really end with in and of itself?
Spirit children of God, physical children of man . . .
reaching salvation only through avoiding the blackmailish threat of otherwise condemnation. Is life really a harsh screening tool for some eternity or a learning experience not meant to damn but to evolve us.
If . . . I am a child of god then I. Am. A. God. and my children likewise!
my children are my flowers . . . so where are they . . . where have my flowers gone?

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  1. I pose myself the same questions and can't get much sleep at night. Please, if you find the answer, point me a direction, will you? I too need a family, a one and only.

    Again, a beautiful poem. Thanks.

  2. Stormcat, your yearnings are so very palpable. Your words are deep poetry to me. I can feel them in my heart. I understand the deep, deep sadness, the yearning, the desire for the other & the thought of a life just ending....alone....

    One thing, Stormcat, do not lose hope. There is still time. There is always time......

  3. You convey your longings in a very tangible and wistful way, Stormcat! I like how you assess your life in the light of the things you believed as a younger man. I am sure it is not too late though.

  4. I am a child of the 60's too, kiddo, and have asked many of the same questions. The finding of The Other eludes some of us. As Mary says, though, it is never too late. I most resonate with your words "life....a learning evolve us." I really related to the truths in this poem.

  5. the yearning that comes naturally from the human is a school of learning.. and what it brings both expected and unexpected can only be learned by living it....

  6. your are heartfelt; and questions longings of the soul; luv your approach to life the raising up before a higher consciousness of self

    Have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  7. I can understand your yearning for love & family. It's a basic human need to be loved, to feel that life has a purpose. Just keep going after your dreams and don't give up.

  8. The yearning here is palpable--really well done

  9. The 60s were the years of innovative beginnings in many things. Pop music, pop icons, Elvis, beatles,flower children. Dr Timothy, the accepted drug scene, LSD. They were fun things all without the social network and one survived! Yearnings for days gone by are not a fault! Wonderful write Storm!


  10. Stormcat, would you please email me at ? Have a question for you. Thanks, kiddo.

  11. These are the same questions that can send one out on a deeper journey into the real meaning of life. Beautifully written!

  12. I like this one. Questions that do not have answers. Perhaps we will know one day. Do you ever wonder, if this life is meant for us to evolve how do we know if it is working?