Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sixty One . . .
Mindlovemisery prompt #43 Supernatural-lust

Somnambulistic Dilemma
By Stormcat

In dream state my lover appears softly. Then, all
that was surrounding me fades to rainbow mists
except her lovely nakedness draped in silken flows,
hair shining, past her half bare collarbones, eyelashes
slowly undulating like resting butterflies, intense
determination revealing an indivertible intent

She floats with the mischievous look of a falling angel
my cock grows large and rigid even as my heart
beats out of control and my breathing hastens. She
shall take me with her loins and I shall gladly let her
I feel her now, her mouth sucking my tongue, my
hands on her breasts, her cunt consuming me . . .

alarmingly I start to awaken, my dream fading to reality
why must I transition now at this moment of ecstasy?
Oh keep me in my sleep. . .  let me consummate this
mating!      But, alas, the dream fades further, replaced
by . . .   Wait! what is this? what's happening? am I still
dreaming. No! My lover. . .      reality,

loins astride,
in the throes of passion,
in ecstatic dream.

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  1. Oooooh very sexy Stormcat I love the dreamy quality it adds to the sensuality of the poem =) Brilliantly done!