Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fifty One . . .

Unexpected Meeting
By Stormcat

ten thousand cuts as ignorance      endured
like a cat that only wants to be      fed
love      keeps coming back      never
convenient      always compelling      painful
pleasure      forsaken for      some
unremembered reason

legs collapse under the weight      acquiescing
to the burden of emotions      unrecognized
denied      blame the official      idiot
savant      robot with that deafening      stamp
careless      dismissal      without
justification stated

scrape the dregs to retrieve      anything
once fed disappears without      ceremony
ultimate      manipulation      conducted
contrived      the most artificial      sustained
emotion      endures boring      sustenance
almost success

disappointment passes       as if just mood
get a big dog and train it to be      nice
solitude      walk the forest      rest
peacefully      realize the natural you     accept
your past       embrace present life
dare to dream again?

 Copyright 2014 All rights reserved


  1. This sounds like love's journey, Stormcat. I especially like the message in the last stanza about accepting one's past, embracing the present, and dreaming of a beautiful future. (Ha, I wrote about dreams coming true in MY poem for today!)

  2. Our emotions are a journey or rather like a roller coaster, It's a great feelings when lifes disappointments are overcome and forgotten.


  3. ALWAYS dare to dream again. But get the big dog, too, and teach it to be nice. Always good to have a backup plan (smiles).

  4. The last stanza is very hopeful ... yes, dare to dream! :)

  5. if we dont dare dream again, will we really live?
    its a ll a risk anyway...and once it scares us, it owns us
    until we over come it...and dare to love once more

    the slashes are really no much different than commas
    or the bigger gaps you have in you lines
    beyond they suggest movement in the pause

  6. the pain can be worth it I think, what is life without love?

  7. I enjoyed the form of your poem, Stormcat! the blanks that make us pause and reflect. Thoughtful poem! I enjoeyd the closing lines.

  8. a poem with an undercurrent of positive with most things in life there is always a bump or two in the road... but keep on trucking... :)