Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sixty Four . . .

By Stormcat

There you are facing me
                                         my goddess.
            Clear eyed orchid,   fertile,   sexual perfection,   impossible to ignore!
Why are you shrouded in all these things? Uncover yourself.

                                                              Come to me, your god…

Surrender yourself and succumb to my maleness, let me take my pleasure in you and mate with you and fill you up over and over until your belly swells with my love.

Trust in me my goddess. You are revered! You are the essence of life. You are beauty itself. All gods worship you! Your presence is an honor; your nakedness, a gift; to mate with you, the ultimate treasure of the universe!

I am ashamed to desire you so openly. I am but a humble god unworthy of your stature but you are irresistible and I wish with all my heart to take my pleasure with you and you alone forever and ever.

 Copyright 2013 All rights reserved

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  1. Wonderful to read, Thanks for sharing.