Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fifty . . .

By Stormcat

I wish people would quit talking about gravity
gravity is only phenomenological
gravity is the word used
to describe the effect of vortices on mater
the ordering of mass by density
vortices in space are huge entities centered on
universes and galaxies, stars and planets, asteroids and comets
each vortex is an energy center
that reaches out forever
until it is diluted by overlap with
infinite numbers of competing

The vortex centers move
crash into each other and coalesce
explode to subdivide when the energy exceeds the critical point
invade each other, adopt each other, order each other
why do you think all the planets of our solar system
essentially orbit concentrically in one plane
the smallest atom known is hydrogen
one proton and one electron
is there no material smaller than hydrogen?
or is it that we as humans are not experienced with it
because we are not capable of detecting
materials that exist only at the outer limits of vortices

We have traveled to the moon
big Wow!
we didn't even take samples of the matter in the space between
and the moon isn't even anywhere near of the influence of the vortex centered on earth
much less the limits of that vortex centered on our sun
gravity is simply the ordering of matter by density
lowest energy state . . . light further out heavy closer in
heavy displaces light
beyond earth's atmosphere matter is lighter than hydrogen.
so what is the influence of vortices on the soul
where are the universal centers of spiritual energy?

Is my father the center of my spiritual vortex?
my grandfather?
my great grandfather?
my great great grandfather?
my great great great grandfather?
my god?
the vortex of spirit is centered
on families
on the ordering of generations
since Adam since Noah since Abraham
the expansion of life does not violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics
spirit simply follows gravity

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  1. Excellent and though provoking piece of work, well done.

  2. Excellent...not many poems about neurolinguistics, or cosmology. I'm jazzed at how you combined them.