Saturday, December 21, 2013

One . . .
I'm kicking off a personal quest beginning on this winter solstice December 21, 2013 with an attempt to post all my poems here in one place for a Solar year. Some old, some new . . . . I'm naming my project "Via Solaris" (the way of the sun) after the same sun calendar sculpture by John Van Alstine.

        Dancing Alone
         By Stormcat

I'm not sure about my father but
     I think I love my mother.
It isn't that it is
     it's that it's disturbing to admit.
After all,
Society dictates absoluteness
     in that regard.

So I look at myself in the mirror
     and think, on an ordinary day, that
     I really don't look that wonderful
That's when I don't like myself,
     in spite of all the wonder.
That's when I question my worth
     the most!

Now it's ten o'clock on yet another
     Monday night!
Before I even realize it, it will be
Ten o'clock
     on yet another Friday night.
Another week will have passed
     without any accomplishment.

It simply feels like I'm drowning
     but it doesn't really matter.
A person can't drown
     who is already dead.
To be human is to be
     beautifully flawed.

Seems, after all these years, like
     there is no one-and-only for me.
Four decades, two failed marriages,
     countless attempts . . .
     Still          no soul-mate.
Must I end, rattling around in this
     large house with one cat?

I always dreamed
     that my beautiful dance partner
     fell in love with me.
I assumed I needed a partner to dance
Today I went upstairs where the floor is
     large and empty (no lights or eyes)
Today,      I tried dancing alone. . .

 Copyright 2013 All rights reserved!


  1. the be human is to be beautifully flawed...realizing that, is like a gateway to wisdom...maybe there is not a soul mate, who knows can have a great life regardless...i think sometimes it is all in the perspective we on....

  2. I wouldn't give up! There is still so much time ahead, so many dances to be danced!

  3. Love the idea of your challenge. Been wanting to start one of my own as well. Look forward to following throughout yours.