Monday, December 23, 2013

Three . . .

The Poet and his Muse
By Stormcat

I work otherwise to survive!

I need to write a poem now
but my kitten wants attention
she needs it NOW and she is so
wonderful that I can't deny it.

How could I?

She is why I live. So how can I
ever think of anything ahead
of tending to her every need.
So what, that I have to write.

So what, that I have to work!

What a pleasure to be with
such compelling beauty who
admires my ability to protect
and conquer and provide.

Big loving eyes, long black hair . . .

It's natural for me. I am a man
of men and being thus I desire
her, as she is woman of women.
Everything I do is for her!!!!!

I come home to her . . .

She gets inside my coat and
looks up at me, closes her big
green eyes and basks in warm
protection. Safe at last!!!!!

Alas, I am but a slave!

Copyright 2013 All rights reserved


  1. "I am a man of men and being thus I desire her, as she is woman of women." beautiful lines. I loved the flow of the poem and the imagery involved. A delightful read it was. :)

    Best wishes

  2. I don't have a cat but I can imagine how warm & loving her companionship is ~

    Alas we are but a slave to our loved ones, smiles ~

  3. The urge to nurture is part of every human being, I think - but with me, it's people, not cats! LOL:)

  4. Wow it never occurred to me in writing this that anyone would think my kitten was feline rather than human . . . Perhaps the diminutive kitten should have been capitalized to make it clear that kitten is a loving expression of my significant other . . .

  5. A lot of guys love pussy cats! Merry Christmas!

  6. Oh, I hear you on this. Sometimes I feel guilty when I am writing poetry....when I should be paying attention to my dogs. They are so much of my reason for being, but yet sometimes I put their needs aside for poetry. Yes, I hear you indeed!!

  7. A lovely poem. I thought it was a feline kitten, too ... until I read your comment. Smiles. It's sweet that you think of your significant other as a kitten, to love & nurture. Happy Holidays to you :)

  8. I've often felt those itchy urges myself, when i want to write but i can't due to some or the other work. I love the way you've portrayed the kitten as a very pretty lady. You've given her a personality of her own.

  9. Very cool name for a snowflake.......& your kitty is a lucky lady.

  10. Jealous you have a kitten. There isn't any creature more alluring and adorable when a babe, I think. (I hope my cats aren't reading over my shoulder or I fear they will be wrestling the Christmas tree to the ground in protest). Hope you have a beautiful holiday season.

    PS: The yellow mug was unrepairable, but has now gone into service as a container for fresh flowers. I couldn't part with it. :)

  11. a willing slave, at that ~