Thursday, December 26, 2013

Six . . .

the one
By Stormcat

I remember that moment well when
I realized that you loved me
It was hard for me to believe even then and I am still denying it
But I know it was and is still true

I am sad that you can’t be with me
That you have to be free and so are not able to make your home
in me . . . for there is life in us together but there is
sweet tragedy in us living apart

at the very least I know that I have loved . . .
In you there is that! So I thank you
I thank you for holding my hand
I thank you for sharing wine and making memories of restaurants and music

I thank you for making love
and sleeping over. I thank you for phone calls
and messages and showing up and traveling to be with me
but most of all I thank you for giving me

a one great love of my life . . .

Copyright 2013 all rights reserved 


  1. Yes ...all poets have one great love of their life every couple of years:)