Friday, December 27, 2013

Seven . . .

by Stormcat

I wake up in morning light disappointed to realize that I didn’t die in my sleep
wonder why I persist in perusing this state of living
this self centered mindless creep

Night’s darkness pursues challenging and eroding existence
until sadness breaches heavily defended harbors
and fear motivates sleeplessness

Pressure builds toward a state of untenable integrity so all structure is at risk
hot noxious odorless vapors render undetectable demise
until the explosive breach rains ash then lava

Numbing repetition seems to be the order, classroom stretching into life
rote memorization, formulaic procedure extinguishing creativity
discouraging initiative facts cluttering minds

One can’t help but wonder as the memory of the progression is muddy
that now the addiction/obsession precludes living normally
clarity resides only in the memory of that first high

I dream of elephants walking on the moon in elephant space suits
ha ha ha how far they leap . . . giant bounds, soft landings, collecting moon rocks
the size of houses . . . a payload that can never be brought home

The home represents the shackles and the feeding the same, though inadequate
the beatings are also welcome as the only real focused attention . . .
Trust your ability you say . . . and find what

Anyone have any clue how much technology doesn’t matter, how much the trappings
of the privileged are moot. Illusion, buoyed to hype
“I must drive an exotic rather than, God forbid, a domestic”

I’ve got an idea. Instead of sending up billion dollar a-piece stationary orbit satellites
why don’t we just shotgun a huge lot of cheap reflective junk spaced randomly
then bounce the com signals in exquisite redundancy
Instant Bureaucracy?

Except for friendship, I wouldn’t be telling you this that your reputation isn’t as you think
Neither as a man of integrity, nor as a man notorious are you known . . .
Just as a loudmouth full of bullshit

Well I shouldn’t insist on writing this iniquity because people will think insidious schemes
are at work and thereafter instigate a rebellion saying that it personally insinuates
some kind of instability therewithin . . . Ha!

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  1. I really liked the pairing of "untenable" and "integrity." Very snappy combination sound-wise. "Incontinence" did have me chuckling.

    The "Injury" verse could be about me, both as narrator and target...