Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Five . . .           Christmas Day.

By Stormcat

Maria . . .
namesake of women, of womanhood
slave to logic, admirer of passion, adopted romantic!
Your frustration is but a matter of patience!
The desire of achieving the object of your admiration
     is but a matter of due diligence.

Maria . . .
object desirable, desire of all mankind
can I, a simple poet, a reluctant scholar, a man tortured
by the weakness of  romanticism, a child of the earth
born of peasants, seeker of knowledge and intelligence
     can I ever hope to honor you?

Maria . . .
once your name was bestowed
your greatness became inescapable!
Your beauty, expected . . . the reality, undeniable
all one need do is behold you . . .
     after that there is no hope of denial!

Maria . . .
I write not of the mystique
I write not of the legend of the name
I write of the person . . .          the actual woman
The woman that you are, the one that confronts me

Okay, so I refuse to start every verse with your name
because I am rebellious and a non-conformist
Even God's patience is tested
because I accused him of being a glory monger
Maybe that is why when I asked him for a soul-mate
     God sent me a woman named . . .  Maria

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