Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nine . . .

Solitude     (A Blues - Alt Rock Fusion)
By Stormcat

Blues ~
Solitude . . . you elude me in my prime
and yet when I grow old
you'll be there . . . all the time
and force me to believe that
all my longings are a crime

Alt Rock ~
Echoes in a life sublime
projecting from a tortured youth
nightmare . . . grasping for a life line
dirty needles . . . clog a toll booth
guilt destroys Stendalien pleasure
paranoia, Cartesian truth

Blues ~
Can't take it easy
Life doesn't come at me that way
I'm always in the middle . . . even when
avoiding being in the fray
easy leaves me stranded
easy always goes astray

Alt Rock ~
Waves across polluted water
frozen with the desolate
memory's abandoned fodder
awaken fade destroy berate
beckon home joy's wandering daughter
incestuous hope to promulgate

Blues ~
Am I lonely
or have I simply lost my charm
has my lady gone away . . . or just
no longer hangin off my arm
can I make it on my own . . . or
should I sound out the alarm

Alt Rock ~
Lost Eden memory exhausts its clamor
disturbing lines of plodding sheep
bunnies graze on peaceful reefer
horses draught infectious creep
relax "o" philographic viper
let venom's toxin rest and sleep

Blues ~
My sole expression
is the expression of my soul
It comes from deep inside me
and constitutes the whole
It keeps me with the living
yet extracts a painful toll

Alt Rock ~
Black watery womb . . . whole body mired
capitulate from ancient fish
then soar above a frozen world
while frost cannot the heat extinguish
the fierceness of this fiery bird
arises from the ash of anguish

Blues ~
Solitude . . . . . . . .

Copyright 2011 All rights Reserved


  1. I love the way you wrote these alternating verses. My favorite ones are the Blues verses, which hold lots of interesting phrase gems, such as "easy leaves me stranded, easy always goes astray."

  2. 'My sole expression is the expression of my soul'. How true! This is the sort of poetry that appeals to me.

  3. Love the alternating voices...the blues with its talk of soul and the Alt Rock with its abrupt change of vivid imagery...yet both are speaking from the same beating heart. Wonderfully woven together and beautifully played...


  4. Good call-and-response vibe. Kudos rhyming toll booth with Cartesian truth. I hear Billie Holliday's voice in the Blues--possibly because of the title. Looking forward to your project.

  5. I like the alternating verses, the blues with lost eden, black watery womb ~

    Cheers ~

  6. Solitude is nature's way to mend the heart. Great communication slant with alternating responses! Nicely SP!


  7. cool...i like the back and forth in this...also like the one word response in the end...the call to solitude...there is much to be said of it...smiles.

  8. Solitude...something one can seek, and yet can't be found in your prime. Nicely done. I like it.

  9. Oh the alt-rock parts are so cool.. like the wordplays here.. This plays to me like an incompatible couple, and I like how you used the music styles as metaphors...

  10. Nice contrast between the two voices ... the alt rock seems restless while the blues sounds peaceful. There is peace indeed in the quietitude of solitude. Happy New Year to you :)

  11. I loved the different perspectives. Using Alternative Rock and Blues was brilliant. It's always about perspective, isn't it? Blues do have that solitary quality to them.

  12. Thank you all for your insightful comments. Actually, I was reluctant to publish this here because it is really much more effective performed. To wit, even with my mediocre singing voice, I performed this privately for some friends and the effect was stunning. So now I'm looking for a pro to perform and record this. Wish me luck!