Monday, April 8, 2013

This was the date of my first blog post. Just leaving it here as a marker for when I started blogging. 

By the way this day April 8 2013 happens to be my mother's 83rd birthday. 

Another interesting coincidence the legendary race horse Storm Cat (Grandson of Secretariat) died on Wednesday April 24, 2013, a mere 16 days after Stormcat (the poet) Published his first poem 


  1. There is a searching and a longing in this that is quite relatable. Great writing. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting today--I'm honored by your words! And welcome to Poets United, I've found it to be a great place to read and to share poetry. Hope you enjoy being part of it.

  2. thanks for visiting my blog. :)

    i hope you don't mind me commenting. quoting the previous comment, there is a searching and longing in this work. i think you have a good grasp of the english language but i find this piece a bit wordy. this is not to say that it is not readable. it is, but i think it can be improved to be better enjoyed. i hope i have not discouraged you from future blogging. it is not my intention to do so. on the contrary, i hope you will continue to write, and participate in a community like Poets United, where the folks there will be happy to welcome you. :)

  3. I also relate strongly to the sense of yearning here, but also the deep need to question the quest, its purpose and meaning, found perhaps in the dreamy flight at the end. Welcome to the world of cyber poetics, we can always use more good, thoughtful and provocative writers.


  4. Poet Laundry, dsnake ~ Thanks for the warm welcome and comments. It has been a long time coming that I am finally posting. I've been writing for several years only as a means of working through my personal conflicts. People with whom I've shared are close friends and I share with them just to recruit their help. The more I write the more they insist that I should publish.

    This first post is my current work in progress. I'd like to say that it is a first rough draft but in reality it is more like a 6th rough draft. And still I find it lacking. I worried posting it that, once read, no one would ever want to read anything I wrote again. Anyway, don't worry about harsh critique. I have confidence in my own judgement and standards. I would be more worried that no one thinks something that I've written to even be worthy of comment.


  5. soulsmusic ~ Oh our words crossed in the ether. Thank you too!

  6. "Thus self imposed exile seemingly guarantees that
    some elusive similarly tortured soul-mate will breach the distance
    to rescue you from the hellish sadness that you stoically endure.
    Are stories even told where the rescue fails or more realistically
    is never even attempted or contemplated?.
    Where's the interest in telling that scenario?"

    That story is not often told, but that scenario is very common, I figure. I'm glad someone addressed this.

  7. Even stars, glimmering from distances so vast as to pale eternity,
    shed light to reveal their place and inspire my own.

    Light of inspiration? We all need that. :)