Saturday, December 28, 2013

Eight . . .

My Girl
by Stormcat

She: reads Harlequin Romances
favors red meat, loves ballet, smokes Cubans,
embarrasses easily, loves super dark chocolate,
would rather talk about boys than Descartes, likes
really big dogs, probably is a better shot than I . . .
prefers rich reds and champagne,
dresses in fur
and silk, doesn't trust men or most people, likes
either very expensive shoes or flip flops,
looks good in ski pants, is a bit of an adrenalin junkie
scubas frequently,
dyes her hair crazy colors, loves fishing
is fearless of nature and wild animals (including bears)
enjoys raw oysters,
drives fast,
loves me.

I'm crazy about her!

 Copyright 2013 All rights Reserved


  1. Lucky you, SP! Such a wonderful all round person! She'll be the catalyst for an interesting life to share with! Well penned!


  2. an interesting girl, no wonder you are crazy about her. :)

  3. I resonate with the first stanza, the solitude coming with can become a friend, actually.........loved the "bluesy" tone of this poem.