Monday, December 30, 2013

Ten . . .

By Stormcat

What does one do with oneself after becoming bored with the world?
(or even the universe for that matter . . . ) Math . . . done that: Philosophy . . . done that:
Physics . . . done that: Art . . . done that ( and loved it): History . . . done that (what a mess that is) Psychology . . . can't ever seem to get away from that: Biology . . .  The only thing that really makes any sense . . .
I mean how many more cathedrals does one have to see after having seen. like fifty?
(Same design, minor differences in the embellishments, one is as good as the next. Fuck you! Catholicism for having built yourself on the backs of the poor! If you were really the real true church of Christ, you'd take all the treasure of the Vatican, sell it, and use the proceeds to lift the impoverished  into productivity!)
Do I have to be in awe at the quantity of guano deposited on some south pacific Island?
I've already made friends with wild animals so why pet some stupid tortoise at some zoo?
Are ancient pyramids really that spectacular? What, just because a thousand slaves were sacrificed to make them. I think the pharaohs were wrong. . .  So why do we revere them? Shouldn't we tear them down because they are symbols of slavery and oppression? Shouldn't we at least couch them in the light of what they really represent?

The government, which holds itself out as a democracy, is really a sham! For the people by the people has become for the people by the rich. Which translates into for the rich by the rich! ! ! Hail to the bureaucrats. who stupidly give them their power.  Bureaucrats who don't even know that they are! They think they are doing the right!  And the rule-makers of commerce follow suit reflecting that policy, so that everyone, public and private, feels comfortable with their little roles of efficiency! Cogs in the wheel! Worthless meaningless cogs! Fucking despicable cogs! Usurping their perceived power because they can't acknowledge that they are really powerless as individuals! They are only assuming that if they can control some part of this artificial system then they have some control over they're own lives.  They cannot realize that control of individual life comes only with not fearing death or poverty or loneliness. Remarkably, they believe that the system that they administer is the very system that will save them along with everyone that they love. They are blind not because they cannot open their eyes but because they will not!

I am tired of this world! I cannot tolerate anymore the ones who think that chattel it so important that they will steal to get it. I cannot tolerate those who think that their wisdom is so right and complete that they stop thinking.  I cannot tolerate those who want to control all that is around them,  It is not humility before "GOD" that I respect, . . . It is humility before all that is the true humility! (A knowledge that there is no complete knowledge.)

Am I really bored? Or am I just tired of what seems to be interesting to the rest of humanity?

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  1. "Cogs in the wheel! Worthless meaningless cogs! Fucking despicable cogs!"

    "I cannot tolerate those who think that their wisdom is so right and complete that they stop thinking."

    I love these and the entire sentiment of this piece. Complacency with the system seems to be the driving force in politics and culture, currently.

  2. Bored or searching or both?... lots packed into this piece... it needs to be read a time or two to take it all in...

  3. I agree with you about Democracy though I no longer live in the states all the news I've gathered is pretty repulsive. "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free" Goethe, freedom has always been America's big selling point, but it is that very concept that is being perverted in order to control the people. I think now there are people starting to question their supposed freedom but still far too many who are afraid to speak up. Dissent is a means to facilitate change when a system is unjust but we are taught that dissent equals heresy (in the case of the church) and treason (in the case of the government) so we keep our mouth closed rather than put ourselves or worse our families at risk. I do not think you are bored but rather fed up with hypocrisy.

  4. I think you are simply on the brink of personal revolution. You are ready to truly evolve despite what goes on in the world around you. You are ready to be you.