Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Seventy Six . . .

By Stormcat

there is no answer . . . there is no question
I contemplate her and she baffles me
I analyze her and she baffles me
I approach her and she baffles me
I feel for her life force  and, yes, yet again,
                                                 she baffles me
I used to think I understood gray
now having met her I realize otherwise
words are easy but I can't make up feelings
experience is the poet's cruel taskmaster
if I want to write the crisis then I have to
                                               pay the price
I don't have another love in me though, yet
even knowing, that there is none left after this,
I've given it all to her and I can't take it back
I wait at the threshold hoping she will join me
together we will walk on air to joy, alone I go
                                                to my abyss

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