Thursday, May 29, 2014

Eighty Nine . . .

I actually learned everything from my best friend
(or was it in spite of him?)
by Stormcat

arms on shoulders we walked, drunk only with song
and changed the words to reflect boyish imagination
that we both loved our gorgeous geography teacher
my friends words, but for the sake of joy I went along
and the mystery eluded me as if a liars orchestration
so I slinked away dismayed, does such a thing occur?

he was always the first therefore I could only envy
but he had an older brother and I was alone thus, so
pleasuring a woman was a completely alien concept
I listened and imagined, pretend, my only ploy to be
he told me of his conquests and this or that hot ho
and judged me as a coward or a boy who was inept

I wanted to be like him but something held me back
not for altruistic honor, just a genuine fear of mistake
perhaps I really was a coward but tired of the din
so we fought, bloody and bruised, no way to retract
my body felt pain but 'twas my heart that felt the ache
then his family moved away and I never saw him again

years later internally pummeled by raging hormones
I finally understood the power that then controlled
that which interceded and filled two friends with strife
wars fought of illusion yield graveyards full of bones
championed by the holy ones all righteousness extolled
virginity be damned for most, I saved mine for my wife

Copyright 2014 All rights reserved.

In response to Poets United midweek motif


  1. Sounds like both and in spite of ..I love that graveyard..there they linger and for the one who dared to fear something better came

  2. This line really hit home for me: "wars fought of illusion yield graveyards full of bones" - powerful stuff. Love the closing, and you were the wiser...........taking your time, waiting for your wife.

  3. it is only when we look back do we see the grace we have been given. Waiting is a quality from the heart of god. This is a brilliant piece.

  4. How many of us could have written this but have not revealed such honesty. Hopes, dreams, wishes thank heavens some didn't come true.

  5. The shy boys are always the nice ones. Although saving your virginity for your marriage
    hmmm I am not entirely comfortable with that considering it is the 21st century. I hope you are not offended by this statement which may cause you deep hurt,a loss of self esteem and may result in you doubting your writing ability ( if you are a loony i.e.) Liked your poem.
    You are being bagged on the comment section of Poets United for causing distress to two terribly fragile damsels who are demanding an apology.LOL. Go see for a laugh!

    1. Omg I can't believe you would say such a thing about my virginity . . . .

    2. Gasp !I cannot believe this comment. I tend to write what I think .I cannot imagine what I have been writing on others...I expect they have all been deleted (hopefully)

  6. Very beautifully written...this line in particular is just so exquisite and thought-provoking: "wars fought of illusion yield graveyards full of bones"

  7. Oh I also remember those bragging boys.. (and probably less than 50 percent was true)... but the remaining one left scars.. to sleep and make love with consenting humans is one thing, to describe it as a conquest is another... but still we envy those guys, with all their bruises and the scars inflicted on others.....

  8. There is both a precociousness and preciousness to this piece, with its incredibly honest tone and easy-to-dance-to rhythm.

  9. I loved this honest tribute to a friend you looked up to. The last lines were fantastic. Very brave to reveal something of such importance!