Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Seventy Eight . . .

Courting a soulmate 2
by Stormcat

I always thought it would be easy, I mean a given,
where everything happens without effort and all
feelings are instantly acknowledged. Doesn't it
follow that your soul-mate would be instantly
in tune with you? But then there aren't any labels
and many are looking so there is inevitably going
to be some doubt and if you've already done it
wrong twice then the inevitable is a lot of doubt
How can one know?

I have my strategy. . . First is the connection, I
have to feel her from even before we meet, I
will somehow know before she tells me what
she feels because I will feel it too.  Second is
the natural presence of acceptance, that our
few differences are complementary, and our
similarities abundant. I guess last is known as
chemistry, but how does one define/know that
Perhaps it is in the kiss!

I think the only way to overcome the fear is to
simply leap headlong into the abyss. Run to
each other and throw your arms around with
abandon, allow passion to control, in fact
insist that passion controls, trust the instinct
that whispers to your head, grips your heart,
and makes butterflies in your stomach. hold
hands and never look back or question again.
stand beside, as one, forever!

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