Monday, May 19, 2014

Eighty Five . . .

by Stormcat

Why do I wait? Why is it so painful to wait?
I feel like I’m waiting for Godot. Ignorant of
absurdity, compelled by expectation, hope,
where life on the road to nothingness . . .
is, well . . . at least living.

So what to do? Spend my time sleeping
cleaning, grooming myself, working,
preparing for the day when . . . dreaming
of the moment when . . . planning
and, well . . . foolishly waiting.

If she weren’t so special, I wouldn’t give a damn
I’d just say “next” and move on
Is there a threshold standard for that?
a point where one unavoidably concludes
that, well . . .I must be insane.

It’s the textures of life that add interest
the situations dealt and problems solved
relationships experienced, lost or kept
and now I’ve experienced absurd waiting
but, well . . . not for much longer.

The difficulty is judging when to stop.
It’s often that thin line of one more step
a little extra effort, or a little more patience
that determines success verses failure
so, well . . . am I staring at success?

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  1. Very good poetic/prose argument :-)

  2. The last stanza says it very thoughtful ! I love it...

  3. Last stanza is just so perfect.....It is extremely difficult to judge between whether to stop or to put in little extra effort. :)

  4. Better that waiting for god -
    at least you have given yourself a choice :-)

  5. Ohhh..who knows? If there are too many curves in the road...just stay at the beach and go for a surf:)

  6. Gosh, it is like you have taken out my mind and laid all its contents bare on the table. It is disorienting because although the feeling that you talk about is all too familiar to me but the perspective that you have picked up - the idea of waiting and the possibility of that little extra effort making all the difference between success and failure - this has hit home.

    It's all so mind-boggling, isn't it? Personally, I feel exhausted and drained of all energy. I cannot stand and wait, staring into the void nor can I push forward and make an effort to change things. I'm more in the process of bottling it all up and putting it on the shelf of forgotten things. It's a slow process, though.

    Beautifully penned. And an instant favourite.

  7. yeah... it's a thin line... i'm not really patient by nature - i tend to move on and sometimes thought afterwards i should've waited...but then...

  8. The relationships lost or kept....patience has a hand in deciding the outcome.
    I'd rather wait and see the result than decide when to end my patience.
    Nice lines tho.