Friday, March 25, 2016

Perhaps a Love Unimaginable
By Stormcat

All the greats must have known it
                                                not a secret
                                                but a principle of living well
                                                                                                rarely realized

My heart has been up for so long
            in the air
            that I am reticent to recognize
                                                            honest emotion

If it falls it will shatter again perhaps
                                                into the thousand
                                                pieces that caused so much angst

How many times can God heal a heart?
                                                sounds like
            a declaration lacking faith in God’s
                                                            promised abundance

But even every feather on the sparrow is known
                                                and I as his child
                                                bears the torture of that education
                                                                                                much to his chagrin

Is it in forced humility that I seek his safe harbor?
                                                or in the stream
                                                of finally realized glorious joy attainable
                                                                                                heading his affect?

There is no justification in the least deviation
                                                known, bestowed,
                                                gifted, from a place sacred and rejected.
                                                                                                Pearls before swine?

So to what of God, my father’s, life shall I aspire?
                                                something ordinary?
                                                I think not! Yet I know not! Yet it must be . . .
                                                                                                remarkably unique!

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