Sunday, March 20, 2016

First Sight
by Stormcat

Love floats among the stars
like dust kicked up by the herd
drawn into the cyclones of all those
day dreams, ethereal, even tragic, to
disappear into the heaven, escape
the grasp of life’s gravity
coalesce as a word
wish for a kiss

no return thereafter

Copyright 2016, All rights reserved.


  1. Nice to see you, Stormcat. It has been a while, kiddo. Happy to see you are still writing away. I especially like "to.....escape the grasp of life's gravity." Well said. Have you finished building your house yet????

  2. Wow, Stormcat, is it really you? You definitely have been missed. Love does indeed float among the stars....and sometimes it really does come down to earth!

  3. Great to see/read you again. You know how to make an entrance, with a great sweet piece.

  4. Ah, love does indeed do all these ethereal and also tragic things that you depict so magically :-)

  5. Ooh, yeah. I really like this!

  6. There is something very appealing about the power of that herd
    kicking up the dust transforming it into a cyclone of dreams. Lovely work. Good to see Spring returning some magical poets to the fold:)

  7. Thank you all. . . It feels good to see you and feel your warm welcome. Truly thankful for your spirits . . .

  8. Wonderful to read you again... It's been a while since I fell like that... but I do remember.

  9. Yet we continue to reach for it, don't we?

  10. love is like that, i guess. here, there, and nowhere.
    great to see you back. :)