Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ninety Five . . .

The Question
by Stormcat

Father . . . Where do the animals go when the storms come?
Don't worry about the animals, Son . . . 
                                                    God takes care of them!

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Midweek Motif (Stormy Weather)


  1. u didn't grow up on a farm, did u ...

    1. Well does growing up on a ranch count? I remember when I asked that question to my father it was after we had just secured all the livestock in anticipation of a storm and I was worrying about all the wild animals.

  2. and hopefully us as well...
    unless of course its not god's will...

  3. And as with other things, God takes care--but not always the way we wish. So I love your title, as the question remains. And I love how the father doesn't remind the child that we, too, are animals, when the hierarchy disappears. Maybe among the lesser animals as Mark Twain asserts in his "The Lowest Animal."

  4. Oh ! so few words..yet so precise and profound..

  5. I still think of the animals on those horrible winter nights, esp., stray cats and dogs that have been abandoned.

  6. A tactful way of telling them death is an act of kindness rather than dread! Great


  7. the answer is true...even the ants are well equipped with this surviving the title...

  8. Well he certainly does...quite how maybe we have to figure out as we get older! Clever and somehow made me smile...

  9. This poem-question reminds me of the winter night a few years back, when it was especially cold and sleeting and miserable. The old bear who lived down at the end of our street was wailing and crying pitifully that night, I felt so bad for him and wanted to take him a blanket, though that likely would not have helped much. Poor old bear.

  10. So much said in those few short lines. I do believe God takes care of them as well. Nicely done!

  11. I often wonder where the animals go when the weather is nasty outside.
    I once saw some baby bluebirds get thrown from their nest during
    a terrible windstorm..such a sad reality.

  12. Simple and to the point. Very nice.