Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ninety four . . .

My Lady the Moon
by Stormcat

My lady is shy even
as she follows my journey
through that labyrinth of passageways connecting
the eternities, hiding behind
clouds or the earth itself.
To glimpse a silver crescent edge of her eye peeking
around a forest tree or through
breaks in the overcast,
having known the fullness of her countenance,
fills the soul with the heat of hope’s passion.

It seems
unlike the celestials
that mortals are afraid of failure yet
my lady, unlike the others, cowers
from success, of all things, intermittently
close then far, large then small, brighter
then dimmer, white then blue, hidden
completely then in full open view.

Whenever she hides,
as she always regularly does,
darkness gathers me and a terrible sadness
condenses my freedom into
painful loneliness, longing, looking
for any sign of her return.
You see, I’m in love with the moon . . . . everything
her solitary strength and her radiant softness

But I wonder can the moon love me and even if
has she the freedom to act thereupon,
the wherewithal to take a lover
or would such be paramount to treason
in the eyes of all those burgeoning lovers
who depend on my lady’s
solitary spirit
to seal their own
romantic inspiration . . . 

Copyright 2014 All rights reserved


  1. Lovely poem, SC ... am not so sure that the lady is reallythat solitary though ... smiles ... cuz ... what about the man in the moon ... just sayin ... smiles ...

  2. I know. I suppose I'm going to have to deal with him sooner or later. I hope he realizes that he's going to be dealing with a cat! And not just any old cat . . . but a stormcat!

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  4. Very nice! The moon as a lover never disappoints, is always there, is loyal forever.

  5. Stormcat! Yay! I'm always happy to see your name in the Pantry! "I'm in love with the moon....." Beautiful, kiddo, if rather lonely............I like "her solitary strength and radiant softness". A beautiful romantic poem.

  6. How lovely to view the moon as a lover ~ An apt metaphor M ~ Happy week to you ~


  7. love the moon too :) beautifully romantic

  8. What a beautiful romantic write! :) I loved your write, already read it twice.

  9. In love all rules are usually broken so loving the moon or vice versa is OK by me!

  10. I love this romantic tale, which work both directly with the moon, or with the moon as a metaphor for that lady that is infinitely close, yet always unreachable.

    1. I'm glad you picked up on that. The metaphoric muse.

  11. She follows you around all night - now at the back of the house, now at the front...
    Might call her the night stalker.
    BTW, are you the blogger building your own house in the middle of the woods in Upstate NY?
    Trying to find my bearings.

  12. Yes, she loves us all :-) and we are glad with joy when she chooses our presence.
    Very nice piece.

  13. this was soothing and magical. good stuff!


  14. I like to think that she has love enough for all of us. The moon inspires us all. :0)

  15. Lovely writing, Stormcat. The moon is certainly very bewitching.

  16. This is beautifully done--just gorgeous sense of flow and imagery