Sunday, February 11, 2018

I haven't posted in what seems like forever but I'm inspired today

Dancing Nina
By Stormcat

Her hand on mine  elegant and light  we move into position  await the music  ponder the moment  feel the boisterous crowd and the jostling of the other dancers  ignore the electricity of the anticipation even as it tries to overwhelm  my head drunk with the joy of holding her in my arms  the smell of her natural perfume intoxicating me even as the silkiness of her smile disarms  and the music waits for us until at last we are ready

Then comes the prelude  and and and the first measure of the rhythm  simultaneous to the break from statue to flight  and the room swirls and our bodies stretch reaching out to find the lines  and the comfort  and we whisper to one another the words of our souls  and we are flowing as one  and we are in love  and the other dancers, the boisterous crowd, and the world disappears  . . . we are alone together and the music waits for us

The dance evolves to an effortless embrace   a feeling that is one of stillness   that is one of standing in her arms while the floor moves beneath us  flowing like an old river smooth and dark  no obvious current  movement in all directions at once  turning  suspended forever  knowing that the music and the rhythm are constant  but hearing in that lightness of her silky touch that the music waits for us

The sound of the crowd is no more  only the beat and swish of Nina’s skirt  and the click of her heals and the wave of her long dark hair  felt brushing my hand on her back  as if a breeze through the trees had kissed it  and her dark eyes sparkle reflecting like a mirror  all the silent faces watching in awe  and all the other dancers who make way  yet we dance on unaware  and there is no end  it is our life now  and the music waits for us.

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  1. You took us right into that moment and reminded us of our own. It doesnt get much better.

  2. Lovely to read your poetry again...really enjoyed this!


  3. Love this... the sense when you dance with that special woman and you are totally alone inside a crowd.