Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ninety Nine

by Stormcat

the idea is the essence of it . . .
only that which is first conceived in spirit can become a
thing born in reality. the spirit to a
better essential being comprising an intentional love act rather
than some thoughtless accident. two
having a connection so complete and overflowing with such
a fullness of unity that the only possibility is that a
child bursts into existence.

would that I could have but one such love child
be in the moment of a perfect union
having the pleasant pain and painful pleasure of
a family bonded eternally. . . husband . . . wife . . .
child . . . even children . . .  all connected 
with a common code.  each child?  one flesh; a part me, and a part


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  1. It has been 30 some years for me and him and them, but I still feel ...everything ... Superb poem, Mr. Stormcat. Love, cat.

  2. Hey, it has been a while!

  3. Awesome
    Happy finding your page